Tru Chocolate

Our product of the month is Tru Chocolate! It is a purely, organic sugarless chocolate; which is, certified Kosher (clean) and certified glycemic friendly for diabetic and obese children and adults. This is the ALL NEW and ORIGINAL 72% Dark Chocolate 8 gram Wafer. Our TRŪ Chocolate® Snacks Wafer is a perfect “on the go” size that comes individually wrapped. Our TRŪ Chocolate® Snacks Wafer is made from Organic cocoa beans, Organic cocoa butter and from the finest ingredients on this planet. Our TRŪ Chocolate® Snacks Wafer is a delicious Antioxidant loaded Dark Chocolate that is All Natural & Organic — with ZERO Preservatives, No Sugar, No Dairy and is Gluten Free. TRŪ Chocolate® has spent years in developing the Tastiest All Natural & Organic Dark Chocolate. It’s absolutely “The Only Chocolate That Loves You Back.”TRŪ Chocolate® is Fair Trade Certified and also made in the USA.

ITS CONSIDERED TO BE A SUPERFOOD, because it has no sugar, no animal products and diary products (vegetarian-vegan friendly)... It has no cholesterol and low sodium! Each piece is $2.00, which is very inexpensive considering the benefits. Tru Chocolate can be purchase for $30 per bag of 15 pieces, and makes an excellent holiday treat and gift. You only need one a day!

We're selling this chocolate, also, as a fundraiser for opening our wellness centers. If you like, you can sign up to distribute the chocolate for $10 and purchase it for $21 per bag, selling it for the retail price of $30, earning $9 per bag. People buy dozens of pieces from us at $2 each, and we sell an occasional bag or two a day, earning as much as $100 per day. I've never seen anything like it in my life! We've sold 34 bags in one week... And, signed up 10 distributors! THIS IS A WELL DESERVED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH!

Tru Chocolate is formulated out of organic, Peruvian cocoa fruit, and not the toxic outer cocoa powdered shell. Natives of Peru eat the fruit which is highly beneficial for health, and will not eat the powdered chocolate we are accustomed to eating. Give your dog or pets conventional cocoa powdered chocolate; for example, Hershey's Kisses', See's Candy or you name it and they get sick or die. This is your typical caffeinated cocoa, light (milk) or dark chocolate, which usually includes dairy products, sugar, rat feces, vermin (bug parts), etc.

Organic Cocoa fruit is like eating cocoa butter, benefiting from it's healing qualities from within the inside of your body out... It's called Organic Cocoa Liqueur, which includes protein, fiber, minerals, like potassium calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. Again, there's very little sodium and no cholesterol, making it excellent for individuals with high blood pressure. It's also excellent for weight control if you eat it within 10-15 minutes of your meals, reducing your appetite 60%.

Tru Chocolate is the perfect snack for children, because it is non-addictive, caffeine-free and satisfies craving for sweets. All you have to do is break off small amounts of one chocolate piece for children, approximately 8 parts in one piece for children. Children who are not getting their anti-oxidants from eating fruit and vegetables will benefit from snacking on this chocolate.

It has body producing Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute or sweetener that's not an artificial sweetener and kills harmful bacteria; preventing tooth decay, strengthening the gums and mineralizing the teeth... Bitter Melon, which is known for keeping blood sugar in control... Pure Noni fruit, which is restorative to the body... Bioflavonoids from citrus extract, which strengthen the immune system... Ellagic Acid from pomegranate, which is known to prevent Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer in men, stimulating the circulatory system... Green Tea with it's many healing properties and health benefits... Fabernol, a derivative of lentils, which helps increase the sensation of sweetness and is, also, a natural carbohydrate blocker... Bioperene, an extract of black pepper, which enhances the flavor of the chocolate in water and makes food more bio-available, aiding in digestion. Children enjoy drinking "chilled" water after eating chocolate... And, Lecithin for enhanced neurological benefits.

Tru Chocolate
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